El Progreso
El Progreso

Project background

"Pastelería El Progreso" is one of the oldest and most recognised pastry shops in Buenos Aires. It was founded by an Italian immigrant 100 years ago and until this day his grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue with the artisan elaboration of the original recipes.


Showing multiple images and galleries in a single page website was the most important request. In order to achieve fast loading and optimised images I decided to focus the project around the gatsby-image plugin since it was perfect to meet the objective.

The stack:

  • Gatsby as a React static site generator.
  • Contentful delivering content via the API.
  • Continuous deployment with Netlify via webhooks.
  • We use also Netlify Forms to handle the contact form.

Really, it's ridiculously delicious. I mean, look at this:

Mediaslunas de manteca