Mintfort is a growing company that focuses on the development of financial software products. The main project is a banking app which includes crypto- and Fiat currencies. Some of the side products are a portfolio tracking application as well as a cashback donation system for online shopping portals.

I was involved in the following projects as Head of Product and Software Engineer.

Portfolio Tracker

The Mintfort Portfolio is an API-based desktop portfolio tracker for multiple exchanges that runs in macOS and Windows.

I was in charge of the buisness logic and the backend API.


Mintfort website

I was in charge of re-building the website. In order to achieve the goals of the new brand design and to speed up the loading times, I decided to build a static website and handle the entire bilingual content with a headless CMS.

The stack:

  • Contentful delivering content via the API.
  • Gatsby as a React static site generator.
  • Continuous deployment with Netlify via webhooks.
  • The subscribe feature consumes the MailChimp REST API.
  • The blog posts are fetched from Medium.

You can check the code here. Huge fan of the JAMstack.

Banking App

I was involved in the development of a chatbot which helps the user to interact with the application.

The bot can help the user with:

  • showing different currencies.
  • transactions between different users.
  • the best time to buy or sell a specific crypto-currency.