Project background

Talitatraveler is a personal blog conceived more than 8 years ago. The author writes all kind of short stories and some other hard to define stuff, such as predictions, fake news, poems and even science related literature. Always with a nice touch of humour.

If you know a little bit of Spanish, I'd definitely recommend you to take a look at it.


Talitatraveler was an outdated WordPress theme based site. We decided to move the entire content to a headless CMS and from there develop a modern API based decoupled blogging site.

The stack:

  • Contentful delivering content via the API.
  • Gatsby as a React static site generator.
  • Continuous deployment with Netlify via webhooks.
  • We use also Netlify Forms to handle the contact form.
  • The subscribe feature consumes the MailChimp REST API.
  • Disqus as comment management system.
  • Algolia powering the search functionality.
  • The SEO functionality is being pulled directly from the Contentul API which automatically builds a sitemap every time there is a new post.
  • A rss file is also created at buildtime which triggers the RSS-to-Email service.

The author only interact with the Contentul Content Interface and every time a new post is published, Netlify rebuilds the site. It’s a fantastic workflow!